Ghana Trade and Investment Foundation (GTIF) exists to educate and connect U.S. businesses to business opportunities in Ghana. GTIF exists to promote business and investment between Ghana and U.S. businesses. 

GTIF is a not-for-profit organization not affiliated with the Governments of Ghana or United States. It was founded on the shared beliefs that businesses from both countries can benefit from the opportunities that exist in either country. GTIF therefore, functions to educate businesses on those opportunities with the aspiration that investments in Ghana would help to promote growth and development in the country to support agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and overall to create employment opportunities for the growing population in Ghana.

Ghana Trade and Investment Foundation hopes that it would be the leading resource to educate U.S. businesses on opportunities in Ghana.




Our mission is to educate and create awareness about trade and investment opportunities available to U.S. businesses and leaders in Ghana.





Some of the assistance Ghana Trade and Investment Foundation provides include:

  • Educational and Cultural Seminars
  • Trade and Investment Summits
  • Trade and Investment Conferences
  • Trade Missions
  • Advisory Meetings